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NAS DriveIf you have a faulty USB NAS or SSD hard disk or a desktop PC or laptop computer with failed hard drive, you have come to the right place. Hard Drive Recovery London Professionals are dedicated specialist hard drive recovery experts trained to recover data from all types of faulty internal hard drives, external hard drives, flash cards, SSD hard drives used in Apple Mac computers, Windows PCs and NAS drives. See customer feedback here.

Why use Hard Drive Recovery London?

When you use Hard Drive Recovery London aka Data Recovery Lab, you will be assured of a high quality services backed by many years of solid experience in hard drive recovery since 2001 using their state-of-the-art ISO-certified hard drive recovery London labs. We are able to carry out the most challenging and the most complex types of hard drive recovery from faulty hard drives.

Here is why you should use Hard Drive Recovery London:

  • FREE Hard Drive Collection (We collect you hard disk for free diagnosis from the comfort of your office or your home next day!)
  • FREE Hard Drive Diagnostic & Quotes (No charges for quotations or for inspections!)
  • No-Data, No-FEE (If we do not recover your data -which usually does NOT happen -you do NOT pay us a penny!)
  • FREE Delivery of Recovered Data (We send you back the recovered data free of charge!)
  • FREE Data Recovery Preview (You can see what we can recover!)
  • No Hidden Charges (We do not charge for parts, diagnostics or anything else! You just pay what we have quoted you!)
  • Member of International Association of Data Recovery Professionals (IPDRA). (We are listed as “Data Recovery Doctor“. See members list here.

Fried Chips on Hard Drive Logic Board or PCBWe specailise in hard drive recovery and we are actually in London, UK and you can actually come to us and see us!

We guarantee that we will do an excellent job in recovering your lost data. We do all the jobs in our own labs using our own highly experienced data recovery technicians. We recover your data fast! Normally takes 2-3 working days in most cases. We do not send your hard drive to Cananda or Netherlands or US for recovery taking a very long time and costing a lot of money! Our clients include IT companies, Creative Industry, TV & Media companies, large and small businesses in the City of London, private individuals, students, teachers and EVEN other data recovery companies!


It takes 4 simple steps to use our hard drive recovery service:

  1. Call 0207 516 1077 and use our FREE data recovery consultation service.
  2. If you want to bring your hard disk in person, use this link to find directions on how you can come to us. If you can’t come to us for whatever reason, just use our media shipping form here. Follow the instructions for packaging and include the completed form in the package and send it to us using the address at the end of the form.
  3. Just wait for our quote and data recovery analysis. Once you approve the quote, we will keep you informed of the progress of your hard drive recovery until it is completed. We will then create a file listing of the recovered data and email it for your inspection.
  4. We will copy the recovered data onto a new hard disk and send it to you after you have made a payment for data recovery.